Thursday, August 18, 2016


Did you have a road trip this summer with your family? Take your pick of these two books about a road trip where both are titled Are We There Yet? by two veteran authors, Nina Laden and Dan Santat.  

In the first Are We there Yet? by Laden, the sights get more and more interesting during the drive but our traveler's only response when he arrives at grandma's was that the trip was boring. Boring?! I think not. He must have slept during that portion through outerspace!
Our second road trip, also going to grandma's for her birthday, our young backseat traveler is feeling bored and asks that classic question "Are we there yet?" But this time strange things happen as time slows down and goes literally backward.  An added feature in Santat's Are We There Yet? include QR codes for readers to discover the secret coded messages. An unusual story to really sit down and scour the pages for every detail.  

For readers in preschool and older.  

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