Thursday, March 03, 2016


Abbey Force is living with her awful uncle Charlie, a degenerate drunken gambler,  and his wife after her father falls into a coma in what looked like an attempt to hide jewels he had stolen from a wealthy client.  Still living on the plantation her family had once owned she yearns for everything to return as it once was, her father healthy, having Reward Plantation back, riding her horse and going to her old school.  

Alas, she's now helping the new owner also named Force, whose ancestors were once slaves owned by Abbey's ancestors.   Beatrice, the daughter her age, while recovering from a car accident explores her new home with Abbey and they accidentally stumble on some suspicious activities on a piece of the bay that should belong to the new plantation owners, Beatrice's family.   

Follow Abbey Force, one spunky and determined twelve year old who has more character than most adults, as she seeks to right  injustices, find truths and a way to pull her father out of his coma.  

The Girl From Felony Bay by J.E. Thompson is a fantastic new mystery series with a two amazing sleuths. The author beautifully weaves the issue of slavery and what it means in present day South Carolina through the point of view of these amazing protagonists. The second title, The Hangman's Bluff,  is also available. 

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