Thursday, March 24, 2016


Sometimes the sweeter the treat, the ruder the cake.

If that statement sounds ridiculous, it’s only in keeping with the tone of this droll picture book by Rowboat Watkins. How else could you describe a book in which an ill-behaved, two-tiered, pink confection learns the value of politeness when she finds herself in the company of surprisingly well-mannered giant cyclopes who favor jaunty little hats?

At its core, Rude Cakes is a book about manners. It’s a tale for those who never say please or thank you, never play nicely, never listen, never share, and absolutely never apologize. It’s also a story for anyone who already does all those things, because it’s just hilarious and silly fun for everyone.

For other quirky books about manners, please check out and share Meg Rosoff’s Meet Wild Boars, Ame Dyckman’s Tea Party Rules, and Laurie Keller’s Do unto Otters. Thank you for reading!

Ages 4+

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