Saturday, March 19, 2016


Bad Kitty is at it again in Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble by Nick Bruel. This wacky entry in the series doubles as a primer on story writing and structure in addition to being a hilarious tale in its own right. Over the course of the story, young readers will learn about protagonists (the one and only Bad Kitty, of course), antagonists (Puppy, the long-suffering and none-the-wiser foil to our main character), conflict (time to go on a diet Bad Kitty!), and plot points (a frequently-interrupting turnip, giant octopuses, and creepy zombies to name a few). But what kind of ending should a story have? When kids are the authors of their own stories, it will be up to them decide! 

Not only will this Bad Kitty book leave second through fourth graders literally laughing out loud, it might just inspire them to write a story of their own. 

Fans of Bad Kitty take note: There will be a Bad Kitty Library Hunt the week of March 20th, in addition to a Bad Kitty Party on Saturday, March 26th. Come join us in the Children's Room for activities and crafts celebrating the wild and wonderful world of Bad Kitty! 

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