Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The Princess and the Pony by author-illustrator Kate Beaton definitely turns the typical princess story on its head and takes it to new hilarious heights. Princess Pinecone is the smallest warrior in a kingdom of warriors, and she can't wait for her birthday. She's tired of getting cute, cozy sweaters--this year she wants a big, fast, strong warrior's horse. But the horse she gets does not quite live up to what she imagines, and Princess Pinecone worries that she'll never be able to compete in the great battle with her small, round, hopeless pony. How will they ever stand a chance going up against all the other big, mean warriors in the kingdom? 

Full of both humor and heart, this is a wonderful picture book to share with preschoolers to second graders, whether they are fans of princess books or not. 

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