Saturday, December 12, 2015


Poor Truly Lovejoy, only 12 years old and tall beyond anyone in her class.  With a size 10 1/2 size shoes, she thought at least she would have a new perfect start, with her cousin, and the rest of her family in Texas, but everything changed when her father was hurt by an IED on his last tour of military service. The family plans are changing and now they were all packing up once again, moving to Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire, the smallest town ever and founded by her ancestors.  

Her father has changed.  There's no more jokes, no more swimming, and she has flunked math and now has to be tutored by him everyday. The only bright thing in her life in this tiny town is watching for birds. She's been a birder ever since her grandfather turned her on to the hobby.  

A great read by Heather Vogel Frederick, author of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, Absolutely Truly:  A Pumpkin Falls Mystery is not so much a mystery as a story of changes, adapting, belonging and patience. 

For readers in 6th and up. 

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