Thursday, December 24, 2015


The popular fairytale, Cinderella, is retold with a fun twist. In this version, Cinderella has three stepsisters. The two are as mean and cruel as the original version but one stepsister, Gertie, is very kind, sweet, and helpful with the house chores. Ironically in this adaptation, Cinderella is lazy and not very nice.

When Gertie is invited to the Ball, her mother does not let her go because she is an embarrassment to the family. She does not live up to their family reputation of being mean and evil. Throughout her training, Gertie meets different fairytale characters and has trouble being mean. What is Gertie to do? She really wants to go to the Ball but doesn’t want to be mean like the rest of her family. Will the Fairy Godmother come to her rescue? Will Cinderella go to the Ball? Will Prince Charming finally find his princess?

Cinderella’s Stepsister and the Big Bad Wolf by Lorraine Carey, illustrated by Migy Blanco, is a great read-aloud. With references to other fairytales, the twist in this adaptation can be amusing to readers, especially if they are familiar with the other stories. Great read for grades K-2nd

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