Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Imagine being one of the first humans to live on the moon. Pretty cool, right?  When Dashiell Gibson and his family were invited to live on Moon Base Alpha, they were promised a once in a  lifetime experience. Upon his arrival, Dash realized that the place was not at all what they were promised. He wished he and his family had stayed in Hawaii instead. His parents, both scientists, spent most of their days working, which left all the kids to find things to do on their own. With limited space, activities, and terrible food, Dash became very bored with his new living situation. 

One night, Dash heard the top scientist, Dr. Holtz, talking to someone about making a big announcement the next day. However, by morning he was discovered dead. They announced his death as an accident but Dash, having heard Dr. Holtz the previous night, believed it was a murder and he wasn't the only person to believe this. Will Dash find the murderer amongst them? 

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs is the first book of the Moon Base Alpha series is especially good for readers interested in learning about space and space travel. This book is recommended for grades 4-8.  

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