Saturday, September 26, 2015


Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables, the fourth Notebook of Doom book by Troy Cummings, takes the series' trademark wacky monster-hunting shenanigans to new heights. At first it feels like a dream come true when the school cafeteria starts serving delicious desserts for lunch instead of gross healthy meals--after all, what could possibly be wrong with replacing re-re-re-fried beans with an ice cream sundae bar? But Alexander Bopp, and his friends Nikki and Rip, who together make up the S.S.M.P. (Super Secret Monster Patrol), are always on the hunt for new monsters lurking in the shadows of their town, and though they hate to admit it, the S.S.M.P. begins to find something fishy about the new chef and his aversion to cooking vegetables. But the mysteries don't end there: what is that weird onion-y smell, why is the school so freezing cold all the time, and what's the deal with the new school nurse, Nurse Brock? 

Though the cover itself hints at the reveal of some of these mysteries within, the fast-paced adventure will keep readers turning the pages to find out how our heroes can stop the titular villains from bringing their evil plans to fruition, while the zany humor will leave them in stitches. 

This installment in the series can work as a fun stand-alone read, but the exciting text, madcap humor, and dynamic illustrations make the whole series an especially good pick for reluctant readers in the 3rd and 4th grades. 

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