Monday, August 31, 2015


It’s always a good idea to be nice.  Here’s why: Sometimes there are consequences for our bad behavior.  Here’s a story about a boy named Glen who loves to complain and lie.  One day Glen strays away from his classmates on a class trip in the woods. He encounters a tiny creature who helps him find his way back to his classmates.  But Glen does what he does best…complains. The tiny creature warns him that if he continues with his awful behavior, he will turn into something more useful. Of course Glen ignores the warning. After he returns to his class he realizes something has changed. He refrains from his usual meanness until he comes across a stray dog and kicks it when he thinks no one’s looking, which triggers the final change. 

Read A Dog's Breakfast and find out what happened to mean Glen. This is a quick read by Annie Graves with black and white illustrations by Glenn McElhinney.

For grades 3+

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