Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Big Bad Wolf (BBW), a.ka. Wolfgang and a fourth little pig, Ferkel combine forces in order to solve a crime the BBW has been accused of committing.  Does this sound like a big whopping tall tale to you?  Well, it's not. It's the plot of a new series by Bruce Hale, author of the Chet Gecko series.

Wrongly accused, the Big Bad Wolf has no choice but to become a detective in order to find the real vandal who trashed the Three Little (really ginormous) Pigs' house.  The two detectives follow clues, talk to suspects and try to figure out what motive the criminal would have for doing this.  Their list of suspects grow as they delve deeper into the crime.  

Was it H&G (Hansel & Gretel)? 
Was it Mama Pig? 
Was it Cinderella?  
Was it Goldilocks?  
Can they find the culprit before Wolfgang's time is up and he's thrown in jail?  

Find the Big Bad Detective Agency in the beginning chapter books area.  Perfect for readers in 3rd-4th grades who enjoy humor and twists on the fairytale classics.  

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