Monday, July 06, 2015


“Honey.”  Who’s Honey? That’s what Melody wants to know.  Ten-year-old, Melody is full of questions. Why has her father, Henry, been so distracted, spacey and whistling “You Are My Sunshine” lately? And who did he call Honey over the phone, then try to cover up with a lame excuse… “they got the wrong number?” 
As if Melody didn't have enough on her plate with Henry’s odd behavior and her flunking her math test, Teeny, Melody’s 6-year-old neighbor blurts out that Henry’s been bitten by the love bug. Now, Melody wants to find out the secrets surrounding Royal, Indiana. 

Read Honey to unveil the secrets in the town of Royal and learn about new twists and turns in this story. Sarah Weeks touches on many important topics in this realistic fiction.  Honey is a delightful, quick read with fun characters.

For 3rd-5th grade

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