Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Emily Vole starts her life in a little hat box abandoned in an airport. When the wealthy and childless Dashwoods see the baby Emily on the news, they decide to adopt her. But when Emily turns five, Daisy Dashwood becomes pregnant with triplets, and Emily is banished to the laundry room and expected to be the Dashwoods' maid and babysitter. 

Emily's life as a housekeeper is not fun, until she meets their quirky neighbor Miss String, who has a large talking cat and believes in magic. Soon, Emily finds herself inheriting a set of magic keys with legs that open a secret shop, and attracts the wrath of the evil witch Harpella, who is known to steal souls and turn people into pink bunnies.

Operation Bunny is the first book of the Wings & Co. series by Sally Gardner, with wonderfully zany illustrations by David Roberts. Emily Vole is one smart cookie of a character, and it was fun to read about her wild adventures. Of course, the pink bunnies were also a big part of the allure. We will be looking forward to Emily's new adventures.

For grades 3 and up.

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