Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When Nell is send to stay with her aunt during school break, Nell is not very happy about the arrangement.  She has to spent time with cousins she has never met and an aunt who she has not seen for years.  Like many things in her life, she feels like she is never a part of the decision making process. When Nell's father took off, she was left in the care of her mother and always did what her mother said despite having her own opinions. The experience she encounters at her aunt’s house is nothing she expected.  She discovers that she is not the only one who has secrets.  She encounters a girl, Angel, who also has secrets of her own.  Despite their initial hostility, the girls discover that they share more in common than their love of horses.  The girls work together to try to save one hundred horses that are about to be sold at an auction and during the process, they come across some adventures that completely change their lives.

A Hundred Horses, by Sarah Lean is a wonderful story of two girls, who living two very different lives, are brought closer together by the secrets they share as well as through their love of horses. Students grades 4-6 would enjoy this reading

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