Monday, February 16, 2015


I predict you will find this book interesting.

Nancy Clancy was a third grade fortune teller. In this Nancy Clancy Sees the Future, Nancy begins to believe that she can really predict the future.  Although, her best friend Bree disagrees and tells her that those are “just” lucky guesses. On the other hand, Nancy predicting that her dad will bring home pizza and her grandmother calling is more than just a coincidence. So, Nancy decides to charge a quarter for each question she predicts for her fellow classmates. However, after an accident with Bree and the lousy predictions Nancy comes to the realization that no one can see the future. 

Don’t miss out! This is the third book in the Nancy Clancy chapter series.  Jane O’Connor has written various books about Nancy! The story of Nancy starts with the picture book series called Fancy Nancy as it transitions into early chapter books with the Nancy Clancy series.

For grades 2 - 4.

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