Friday, January 23, 2015


A review by Theresa:  

Summer is supposed to the best time of the year. It should be a time of no school, no homework, and no schedules just lots of free time to do what you want and hang out with your friends. For Ashley it is just the opposite. Her best friend is going off to camp and then moving across the county. They had planned to spend their last weeks together but instead Ashley has to entertain some strange little girl her mother has invited to come and stay with them for the first three weeks of summer. 

Life looks bleak for her as she faces the worst summer of her life. Without her best friend Lucy she wonders how she will cope with the rare condition that causes her brain not to recognize people even if she knows them well. But cope she does even when Claire, the summer visitor, turns her life upside down and Ashley finds a magic wish jar in the basement that has the power to send her back to a time of two girls very much her and Lucy. Before she knows it the three weeks she had dreaded and all the changes this summer brought to her life mean that her worst summer might just be the best one ever. 

Dreamer, Wisher, Liar by Charise Harper is best for readers in grades 5-8.

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