Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Dory, otherwise known as Rascal, is the baby of the family and boy, does she have an imagination! But try as she might, she cannot get her brother and sister to play with her. They think that she is such a baby because she sees all kinds of monsters everywhere, and has an imaginary monster friend to boot. To make her stop acting like such a baby, Dory’s siblings come up with an ingenious plan. They sit Dory down and tell her that the evil Mrs. Gobble Gracker who steals babies is after her, and she needs to stop acting like a baby in order to be safe. Now, Dory is on the run from Mrs. Gobble Gracker, and she has to come up with a plan to avoid being stolen.

Dory Fantasmagory is quite the page-turner with an adorable character who will make you laugh from to the last page. Third- and fourth- grade readers will love this short book for its great story and hilarious illustrations. 

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