Monday, January 05, 2015



Some fun picture books to help you get back in the mood for school after all those days off. 

My Teacher is a Monster  by Peter Brown

Like the Library Dragon, Bobby's teacher is really mean in the classroom, but outside in the regular world, she feeds the ducks and play with paper airplanes.  She seems so... different.  

Dog Days of School by Kelly Dipucchio and Brian Biggs is not your usual hilarious swapping bodies fantasy because Charlie and Norman are a boy and a dog.  They swap bodies for a week because being able to go to school would be better than napping all day long, right? Right!  Would you want to swap your life with a dog?

B. Bear and Lolly Off to School by A.A. Livingston and Joey Chou

This time it's Goldilocks (Lolly) and Baby Bear in an unusual twist on the fairy tale where they attend first day of school. You'll notice a few familiar characters and moments sprinkled throughout the story.  A fun riff on the classic.

For readers from preschool through 2nd grade.

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