Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A review by Mr. B. of the the Grandview branch:

Joanne Levy has written a funny and tenderly haunting tale.  After being struck by lightning, seventh grader Lilah Bloom has a new and disturbing ability: she can hear and talk to ghosts, which makes her a Small Medium at Large

While not mean spirits (mostly), their presence can cause Lilah to behave strangely, as she can hear but not see them or control their sometimes playful behavior.  The deceased cafeteria lady saves her from eating the wrong thing at lunch; a message from a dead singer makes Lilah’s music teacher cry; and the ghost of grandmother Dora is determined to find her divorced son (Lilah’s dad) a girlfriend.  She and Lilah have to work hard at that one, as Dad has forgotten how to dress for a date as well as how to behave on one. 

Another regular drop in ghost is the mischievous Rufus, who was a student at the school when he died from cancer.  He nearly destroys the eighth grade fashion show (a cancer charity) because organizer Dolly bullies Lilah.  Lilah, her friends, and the ghosts save the fashion show, raising a lot of money.  Along the way Lilah’s dad finds a girl friend, and Lilah gets her first kiss (from a real boy, not a ghost).  

This book has some serious themes, but more laughs than tears.

RL: 4 / Ages 8-12

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