Monday, June 24, 2013


So, I read a book recently called SUMMER AND BIRD by Katherine Catmull, and I have to say I am not so sure kids will like it. The Accelerated Reader program has given it a 5th grade reading level, and I would say there aren't many words that are too difficult. But there are parts to this book that just don't make sense. It talks about a great swan who used to lead all the birds to a special place every year, kind of like when birds fly south for the winter. But the great swan hasn't been around for 13 years because a man fell in love with her, and they had two girls - Summer and Bird. One day, the parents disappear and Summer and Bird go on this strange adventure to find them. I would like to hear if any 5th graders have read this book, or maybe get some 5th graders to read this book, to see if it makes sense or if some crazy person in the land of publishing made a mistake. Is this book really for kids? Let me know... For grades 5 and up?

APRIL 2013

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