Friday, May 25, 2012


Question Boy, a child dressed in a cape and a leotard with a Q on his chest, drives everyone crazy with all his questions. All he wants are answers! He doesn’t have a clue about what to ask or even what not to ask. He feels such a need to understand things that he has no control over it.

He lives in a neighborhood with numerous action heroes such as Oil Man, Paperboy, and Police Woman, but none of them can satisfy his need to know it all. Until one day he meets Little Miss Know-It-All in the park. He finally meets someone who will answer all his questions!!! But Little Miss Know-It-All not always have the right answers and what she doesn’t know she makes up.

 A very cute and funny story with great comic illustrations. Expressions on the characters are great. The book will help parents to talk about good ways to find answers either by researching in a children’s encyclopedia or nonfiction book. Question  Boy Meets Little Miss Know-It-All is written and illustrated by Peter Catalanoto. For ages 5-6.

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