Wednesday, May 30, 2012


From Vivian, Children's Librarian at the Casa Verdugo Branch Library:

The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone
Louise (a.k.a. Thumbelina) is not your average sized seventh grader. Although small in size, she’s strong in character- thanks to her grandparents and best friends.  When she’s not around her loved ones, Louise has feelings that she can’t seem to understand.  Then, an intriguing letter from an admirer helps to distract her and discover her first crush.

Phoebe Stone’s main characters are simply charming.  The story is filled with laugh-out-loud situations, and Louise’s feelings for her first crush are humorous and memorable.  Although written in poetic prose, Ms. Stone handles Louise’s major issues, such as hopelessness, grief and memory loss delicately.  The Boy on Cinnamon Street is a moving story about the acceptance of loss.

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