Thursday, May 10, 2012


From Jennifer, Children's Librarian at the Montrose Branch Library:

A Judy Award Honor Book:

Bird in a Box
by Andrea Pinkney

Have you ever wondered why footballmakes grown men cry? Or, why people riot at a soccer game? It’s because peopleplace their hopes, their dreams in sports teams and figures. Sports bringpeople together around a cause. In the 1930’s, that “cause” was Joe Louisbecoming the country’s next heavyweight boxing champion.

Pinkney’s “Bird in a Box” ties three coming-of-age stories together through boxing. Hibernia, the daughter of apreacher, dreams of becoming a famous jazz singer. Willie, an aspiring boxer,has his dream ripped away from him. Otis, a boxing fan, becomes orphaned in afreak accident. A charity concert at the local orphanage brings all three together. Before long, a friendship develops. It’s strengthened by a shared dream – to see Joe Louis, an African American boxer, take the heavyweight title. For African Americans of the time, Joe Louis represented more than a sports figure. He instilled hope and pride, which shows the reader that sports is more than “just a game.”

Not your average sports story. For grades 4 – 7.

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