Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you hear the word "asylum" it's most often preceded with the word "insane." But in the early 20th century, asylums were not just for the insane, but were also there for depressed or out-of-sorts people. Verna and Carlie, and their widowed father come to live upon the grounds of an asylum, where he serves as a resident psychiatrist. Also in tow is their dead mother's sister, Aunt Maude, who is strict and unpleasant. When one of the depressed patients, Eleanor, comes to work as their maid, the girls are whisked into the world of mental health and experience all sorts of factors contributing to what might make a person end up in an asylum. THE LOCKED GARDEN by Gloria Whelan tells a beautifully sad story about different kinds of loss and how people recover from such sadness. For 5th-8th grades.

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