Saturday, October 08, 2011


A plague is threatening North America, and the Morgans ship their children off to England so they won't be exposed. It is here that Rowan, Meg, Silly (short for Priscilla), and James, along with friend Dickie Rhys and foe Finn Fachan (other plague-threatened children) learn all about the wonderful world of fairies. Only it's not so wonderful. The Morgan's Aunt Phyllida Ash turns out to be the ancestral protector of the fairy kingdom, and does everything in her power to prevent the children from encountering fairy life. But it doesn't take long for the Morgan children to be sucked into the Midsummer War between good and bad fairies. UNDER THE GREEN HILL by Laura L. Sullivan is a good tale of heroic gestures, a glimpse at fairy-dom, contains some moral undertones, and includes a lot of great vocabulary words! For grades 6 and up.

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