Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Lily loves to read. when Lily learns to read, her mother takes her to the library and since then all Lily wants to do is read, read.... up to the point she forgets to do anything else. She is fascinated by the stories in her books and read wherever she goes, that's why everybody calls her "Library Lily".
Her mother keeps insisting she should be involved in other interests but Lily doesn't see this as a problem.

One day at the park, Lily meets Milly. Milly is a girl who loves climbing the trees and doesn't like to read. Milly shows Lily how to enjoy life beyond a book and Lily shows Milly how to discover adventure through reading. The girls form a friendship that creates a perfect balance between reading and playing.

Great book for the kids taht don't enjoy reading. Written by Gillian Shields, illustrated by Francesca Chessa. Ages 4-8.

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