Monday, February 28, 2011


From Jennifer, Children's Librarian, at the Montrose-Cresenta Branch:
In “Justin Fisher Declares War!” by James Preller, Justin starts third grade with a spectacular fall. Thrown into the spotlight, he must choose—school nerd or class clown. Brushing himself off, he makes a joke. But it doesn’t stop there. Justin constantly needs attention to stroke his fragile ego. At first, kids welcome the distraction from school monotony. By fifth grade, though, it’s no longer funny. Justin’s relentless teasing has cost him friends and hurt his popularity. Even worse, his fifth grade teacher has no sense of humor.

What if your talent was making people laugh? And one day, people stopped laughing? Justin must save his image. When given the chance to MC the school’s talent show, he jumps. Can he do it, without making fun of other kids?

A funny, crowd-pleaser for reluctant readers. Grades 3-5.

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