Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Everything in Annabelle's life is new this year.

New house.
New puppy.
New family (mom's boyfriend).
New school.

New classmates.

And what's new about that is having to deal with boys. You see, Annabelle was use to going to an all girl school, where there were no boys at all. But this year she got more boy trouble than she knows what to do with. She's done nothing but they always seem to be bothering her; kicking her chair, calling her names, and so on. She was miserable until she came up with a surefire method to make them behave better. Boys=Puppies. Training puppies=Happy home life therefore Training boys=Happy school life.

Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis is a fun look at how one middle schooler deals with life's obstacles and discovers her voice. For readers in 5th grade and up.

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