Wednesday, February 02, 2011


In this story, Carmen, a girl newly-arrived in the United States from Mexico, feels very apprehensive about going to school and learning English.She knows she has to be strong to face her classmates who tease her all the time for her Spanish funny accent.Her teacher’s Spanish is terrible, but gradually the kind Señora Cosky helps Carmen to learn many new English words and expressions.
Señora Cosky encourages the whole class to learn Spanish counting words, while Carmen learns the English number words.On her way home, Carmen is excited thinking about teaching her little sister what to expect when she begins kindergarten.

Colorful illustrations showing great facial expressions used in the content of the book. Excellent resource to help adjustment to the immigrant children. Spanish-English glossary at the end of the book. Ages 4-8. Written by Judy Cox, illustrated by Angela, Dominguez.

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