Monday, December 06, 2010


Sharon is surprised when her mother tells her and her sister Mary that his brother Di Di will be sent to China to live with their grandparents and other members of the family for one entire year.Her mother explains to them that is the best for Di Di for he shall be with the grandparents, uncles and cousins to take care of him.At first Sharon and Mary are missing their brother terribly, but gradually they return to their normal activities. They're embarrassed to tell friends what their parents have done.Sharon's girlfriend Isabelle, does not understand the decision of the family, especially when she learns that her mom is expecting a baby, and that baby will remain with the family forever. When Di Di returns home with Grandma, he doesn't remember his siblings nor a word of English. Readjustment of Di Di with his parents and siblings takes time and patience but gradually the family is fully restored.The author offers a note in back of the book about why immigrant parents sometimes decide for a long-term separation from their children when they determine to immigrate outside of their countries. Ages 7-10. Written by Andrea Cheng, illustrated by Nicole Wong.

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