Monday, December 20, 2010


In this delightful book mom and dad are trying to ruin the life of their girl. Both parents are adorable but with their behavior can make the girl's life miserable. Mama likes to kiss her daughter in public, not allows her to eat what she likes, she talks loud, and breaks into the school without any warning. It turns out that daddy follows the same pattern as mom, making her clean her room when is already cleaned, turn off the lights at 8 p.m., or do homework when is busy doing something else. Definitely the girl begins to imagine how to get them off her back. She anticipates that her parents remain in jail and her life would be perfect! but eventually realizes that staying alone would not be as fun as she thinks. Who would maker her dinner, there would be no one to read a story before bedtime, who would give a goodnight kiss, and finally she will miss them terribly. Eventually she comes to accept her parents for what they are in her life. Very cute story. Kids will love it. Grades 1-2. Ages 6-7. Written by Kate Feiffer, illustrated by Diane Goode.

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