Thursday, December 16, 2010


Emily is an eight years old girl that lives with her mother Constance who works for a wealthy lady Miss Nuella Nash. Emily is a well behaved and a good child. One day in a terrible accident her mother died leaving Emily alone.
Emily had no other family than her aunt Hilda and her mean and greedy uncle Victor whom she never pleased. Emily writes to her aunt Hilda hoping she could go to live with her. When her aunt Hilda replied yes, then Emily decides to travel to Redbud where her aunt lives.
Emily would have to make a long journey to her aunt’s, but she thinks it would be much better than going to live with her Uncle Victor.
When the train finally reaches Trumpten Junction, Emily gets off the train and is ready to take the carriage that would take her to Rosebud. During the trip she meets a boy named Jackson and become good friends. On one occasion, Jackson read in the newspaper Emily’s story. Lawyers for Mrs. Miss Nash Nuella are looking for the lady’s fortune inherited by Emily’s mother. As Emily’s mom passed away, this wealth of $10 million pass into Emily’s hands. Jackson comes up with the idea of Emily dress up like a boy so no one would recognize her. Uncle Victor hears about the inheritance and determines to search for Emily to make use of her money and get rid of Emily after that. Children will enjoy this adventure chapter book written by Phyllis Renolds Naylor, illustrated by Ross Collins. Ages 7-10 .

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