Saturday, November 20, 2010


Paul Silva, a thirteen years old guy, lives in a small farm in the hills of an island in Hawaii with his disabled father. His father, after having had an accident at a lumberyard that left him handicapped for the rest of his life, undertook a cockfighting business to support his family.Paul lives fascinated by the strong and beautiful spirit of these birds, and felt very proud of his father’s work, but had never had to witness a fight.On one occasion the older brother of a friend decides to start Paul in the macho culture of cockfighting with the excuse of learning to be a man, and force the child to witness the fight. Paul is in shock and amazed at what he sees. The roosters with sharp hooks and blades attached to their heels, they attack each other in a bloody battle to death.Disgusted by the brutal scene, Paul is committed to finding ways to get his family out of this cruel kind of business. Highly recommended to learn more about the Hawaiian culture and language.Grades 4-6. Ages 9-11. Written bye Shan E. Correa.

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