Tuesday, November 09, 2010


One morning, playing in the garden at her grandmother’s house, Mario and his sister Marisa use their imagination and make from a large cardboard box, a mobile restaurant that sells tacos for lunch. Mario runs through the yard looking for big leaves, mud and petals of flowers to decorate the tacos. The tacos look very appetizing, but the appetite of Marissa goes off and does not dare to try. Making mud tacos in the yard, Mario and Marissa decide to have real tacos for lunch and headed for her grandmother to accompany them to buy the ingredients needed to prepare some delicious tacos.On the way to the supermarket, they stop at their cousins’ home Rosie and Chico. Chico behaves like a bully boy trying to intimidating the cousins and starts acting super mature. When Mario and Marissa invite their cousins to visit the improvised restaurant, Chico proclaims himself too big for those silly childish games and Marissa and Mario think that maybe Chico would like to taste a mud taco. Funny store with nice colorful illustrations. Kindergarten. Ages 5-6. Written by Mario Lopez and Marissa Lopez Wong, illustrated by Maryn Roos.

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