Friday, November 05, 2010


Destino Lozada will be pretty soon 15 years old. Her parents decide to prepare a "quinceañera" traditional party to celebrate the birthday of their daughter's transition to a señorita. These plans put Destiny in the midst of a family dispute between her parents' traditional ideas and liberal ideas of her older sister America that sometime declared herself in a hunger strike to prevent her own quinceañera party. Destiny's conflicting feelings about whether she wants to continue being a tomboy or a girl, are upsetting and realistic. Destiny prefers to continue doing her skateboarding and watching TV. After months of struggle between the mother and sister about the event and trying to find out who will be her escort for the occasion, Destiny learn to express their feelings and even finds love.The book provides Spanish vocabulary that explore the Hispanic cultural tradition. Grades 7-9 . Ages 12-14. Written by Emily Adler and Alex Echevarria.

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