Monday, July 11, 2016


The Classy Crooks Club by Alison Cherry stars our soccer fiend, AJ, or Annemarie as her grandmother prefers to call her. She must spend a month with her disapproving wealthy grandmother when her parents have to go to the Amazon for work. She only gets to go to soccer practice, she can't have her dog or sleepovers, or hang out with her best friend, but she does get etiquette lessons.  Whoopee. The only silver lining is that Stanley, grandmother's hunky chauffeur, drives her to soccer practice and she is the envy of all.    

AJ thinks that her grandmother's friends just get together and play bridge, but they are really "liberators".  The ladies liberate lots of things from their undeserving or bad owners like a macaw who doesn't get any love.  Even AJ gets liberated, unwillingly.

There's a mean girl and her crew, a misunderstanding with friends but it's a fun and mostly predictable adventure with a twisted ending. Great for readers who love a good spunky girl story.

For readers in 6th - 8h grades.

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