Friday, July 22, 2016


Two-time Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo has done it again and given us another gem in her beautifully written and profoundly heartfelt middle grade novel, Raymie Nightingale. Things aren't going so well for Raymie, but she has a foolproof plan to get everything back to normal: if she learns how to twirl a baton, she can win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire 1975 competition--and when her father sees her picture in the paper, he'll have to forget about the dental hygienist he ran off with and come back home. Simple as that. 

But when she shows up at baton-twirling class instructed by former world champion Ida Nee, she meets a couple of other girls with alternate plans of their own--guileless Louisiana Elefante with her pink bunny barrettes needs to win the pageant to help save her long lost cat, Archie, while tough-talking Beverly Tapinski, whose father is a cop, wants to sabotage the competition altogether. But despite their plans being directly at odds with one another, the unlikely threesome soon form a strong bond that leads them through some unforgettable summer adventures and changes them all more than they ever thought possible.

The wealth of quirky characters and simple but deeply evocative writing will appeal to kids in fourth grade and up

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