Monday, June 13, 2016


Move over, Grumpy Cat and make room for The Grumpy Pets written and illustrated by Kristine A. Lombardi. Billy is not like most of the other kids he sees around him--he can't seem to shake his permanent frown. In the hopes of buoying his spirits, his mom takes Billy and his sister to the pet rescue in town. Everywhere he looks he sees plenty of adorable and excitable animals charming their equally effervescent soon-to-be owners, but Billy just can't relate... until he makes his way to the back of the shelter and finds a different group of pets waiting there. This ragtag bunch of animals are definitely more moody, scruffy, and just downright grumpier than the others, but will Billy finally meet his perfect match? 

The simple and compelling story paired with the pitch-perfect illustrations, makes a great read for preschoolers through first graders, and will win over even the most grumpy of readers with its doggedly genuine heart. 

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