Saturday, June 18, 2016


The phrase "Remember the Alamo!" is about the extent of what many people remember about the Alamo. But what else are we supposed to remember? There's so much more to the historical incident, packed full of exciting, treacherous, and gory details, all laid out to uproarious effect in Alamo All-Stars, the most recent entry in the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales graphic novel series from author-illustrator Nathan Hale

Like the other books in the series, this historical tale is told through the perspective of the spy (not the author!) Nathan Hale delaying his impending execution in 1776 by telling thrilling stories from American history to his eager hangmen. In this installment, they are joined by Hale's Mexican counterpoint, Vincente Guerrero, and his firing squad, and together they explore the events surrounding and key players involved in this piece of American and Mexican History: the state of Texas's fight for independence from the Mexican government. How did the small, ragtag bunch of frontiersmen end up blocked in a fort and fighting against a whole army? Why did Mexico mess with Texas? How exactly did Texas become a part of the United States? And what did Davy Crockett have to do with it? These answers and much, much more are found in this latest installment of the highly entertaining and informative graphic series that shows how it all went down. And don't skip the endpapers, title page, and other backmatter: every page is chock full of fascinating--and hilarious--information.

Other recent illuminating entries in the series include The Underground Abductor and Donner Dinner Party. Perfect for graphic novel fans, history buffs, and anyone else in grades 4 and up.  

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