Friday, May 13, 2016


A review by Theresa: 

Their divorced family is a bit unusual as mom and dad are still friends and very involved with their twins, Nick and Eryn. When mom suddenly announces that she and her long-time boyfriend Michael are getting married, the expectation is that very little will change. But that may not be the case in Margaret Peterson Haddix’s book Under Their Skin. First of all they are going to move into a new house. Then the twins discover that Michael has two children that they have never met and there are no plans to get the kids together even though they are close in age. Very quickly changes come flying at the twins and the discovery that they make on a snowy day will change their lives forever. 

This new two-part series is a combination of science fiction, suspense and mystery guaranteed to keep the reader guessing. For readers 5th grade and up.

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