Wednesday, May 18, 2016


A review by Theresa : 

It"s summer time and school is out which means that it is off to grandmother’s Tennessee farm for 12-year-old Avery and older brother Blake and days spent playing a make-believe game of their own invention. But this year Blake feels that he is too old for this pastime and plans to spend the summer reading for school. Avery is very upset at the prospect of a long uneventful summer in the country. All that changes though when she meets Julian, an aspiring filmmaker, who wants to film a ghost story at the very old and very spooky house on her grandmother’s property.  

The big glitch is that Avery is not allowed to go anywhere near the place but after some convincing by Julian and some research into the history of her family, she breaks that rule. The house is as spooky as promised and the two would-be filmmakers are in for some very thrilling times trying to discover the mystery of the house and make their film in Sonia Gensler’s Ghostlight

This is a hard story to put down, ghosts and mystery an unbeatable combination.  For readers in 5th grade and up. 

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