Saturday, February 06, 2016


In the 1860s before Abraham Lincoln became president, an orphan girl, Nell Warne, was dropped off at the doorstep of her only living relative Aunt Kate.  Aunt Kate wanted no part of Nell since leaving their small town after the death of her husband. You see, she blamed Nell's beloved father for that particular tragedy and has never gotten over it.  Nell was determined to change Aunt Kate's mind by being helpful as possible so she won't be sent away to some orphanage to live with total strangers which Aunt Kate kept threatening her with.

So begins the relationship between Nell and Aunt Kate based on necessity and mutual respect as the two hire themselves as undercover female detectives with The Pinkerton Detective Agency to root out crime and deceit.  The story is loosely based on the real life Kate Warne told through the point of view of fictional Nell through narrative and letters with her best friend of the same age whose family escaped slavery by using the Underground Railroad.  

Readers will enjoy the adventures of Nell and her no nonsense Aunt Kate in The Detective's Assistant by Kate Hannigan. For readers in 6th- 8th grade who enjoy historical fiction and strong female protagonists in an action packed story. 

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