Thursday, February 11, 2016


Sophie and her family live in a quiet town.  They work hard, enjoy each other's company, love to read, and share stories.  When night comes, their town is awoken by the  STOMP! STAMP! SHAKE! of the Giant who lives at the top of the beanstalk.The people are frightened by the loud, disruptive noise.  Sophie decides that something must be done, so she climbs to the top of the beanstalk to see what's going on.  

When she discovers that Giant has a hard time sleeping, she attempts to share ideas of what people do in order have a peaceful slumber.  Things are difficult at first, but they change when she refers to a good ole' storybook  Sophie ends up learning more about Giant, and caring for him even more. 

The Princess and the Giant written by Caryl Hart and illustrated by Sarah Warburton is fairy tale with a twist. It includes roles that are not found in traditional fairy tales.  Princess Sophie is courageous and takes charge.  Princess Sophie is a true heroine in every way!  A wonderful story to enjoy alone, or with a group, and for those who believe in the power of reading. 

For PreK- 3rd grade.

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