Monday, May 18, 2015


In trouble? Ask Ethan and Ella for help. These twins have a keen eye for clues. When their mother, Josephine Brair, was to start her new job as a travel writer, the entire family had to travel with her.  Their father, Andrew Brair, a history professor was to homeschool his twins.  While exploring Venice, Italy, the twins receive a clue from their grandfather that will take them on an adventure searching for a missing mosaic and a stolen gondola.  

Read the story by Harper Paris to find out if the characters ever uncover the mysteries. The Mystery of the Mosaic is part of the Greetings from Somewhere series. This is a very short chapter book that covers different genres: mystery and adventure.  The illustrations are wonderfully presented in black and white drawing.  The story also covers interesting facts about Italy.

For grades 1-3

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