Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In Sarah Weeks' new novel, instead of a cat, she writes about a dog plus the usual friendship between a girl and a boy set in a small town with seemingly random characters and unrelated stories. 

There are 100 colors of nail polish created by BB, the new beauty shop owner in Royal, Indiana.  Melody and her friend Nick are off to the new beauty parlor to find out who her father is calling "Honey" over the phone.  Her mother died when she was born and life has just been about Melody and her father since then.  

Has he found a wife finally?  Who could it be? She desperately wants her father to be happy and has been making the same wish on her birthday for as long as she could remember but is her dream about to burst when she hears that her awful math teacher is also getting married?!  Could her father be marrying her?!!

Honey is a magical tale of loss, love and the search for a happy ending for everyone.  A solid and lovely story as good as Pie that's perfect for a summer read. 

For readers in 4th - 6th grades.  

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