Monday, April 20, 2015


Late one night a young girl coaxes a long silenced memory from her grandmother’s childhood. Thus unravels the tale of Dounia, a young Jewish girl living in France, in a Holocaust story set amid the German occupation and French Resistance. Suddenly and inexplicably ostracized from her peers, Dounia endures ridicule at school, separation from her family and home, the rejection of her identity, and the uncertainty of ever again seeing her parents. 

Loic Dauvillier’s graphic novel Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust is a story of injustice, fear, bewilderment, and cruelty. And yet it is also one of compassion, bravery, perseverance, and hope; through the determined efforts of French Resistance groups, many Jewish children like Dounia were clandestinely transported to relative safety. 

As a Holocaust story told to child from a child’s limited perspective the narrative is surprisingly gentle for its subject matter. The illustrations are appealing, if slightly cartoonish, and the text never overwhelms the page. 

An illuminating and worthwhile read for grades 3-6.

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