Friday, April 10, 2015


Hoot Hoot! Eva’s Treetop Festival is a cute and quirky early chapter book about an owl named Eva.  Eva’s adorable; she is in Owlementary and decides she wants to organize the Bloomtastic Festival in one week.  Well, what’s an owl to do with such little time? Eva turns to her classmates for help but there’s one girl she dreads asking for help, Sue Clawson (a.k.a. Meany McMeanerson). However, Eva knows she must ask everyone, including Sue for assistance in order for the festival to go on.  Find out if Sue was willing to help out and will the Spring Festival go on? 

This book is the first book in the Owl Diaries Series by Rebecca Elliot.  The book uses a diary-approach to tell a story and it is aimed at newly independent readers.  The pages are filled with easy to read text and illustrations that complement each other.  Elliot covers topics such as friendship and helpfulness.

For grades 2-3 

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