Friday, November 07, 2014


It seems like more and more authors are writing about how they think the world will come to an end. Piers Torday, author of THE LAST WILD is yet another author to do this. His main character Kester Jaynes has been taken from his father and sent to what may be a boarding school, but seems more like an asylum for all the delinquent children no one knows how to deal with. A disease has devastated the world, killing all the animals and destroying the food supply, and now everyone is forced to eat flavored paste. Kester can't speak out loud, but somehow he can communicate with a cockroach. Turns out, everything they've been telling humans is a LIE!!! The cockroach helps Kester escape and the first of the lies becomes apparent when Kester sees living animals that have yet to be infected by the dreaded "red-eye" disease. Now it is up to Kester to save the remaining animals! 

For grades 5 and up. 


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