Monday, November 17, 2014


It is close to Valentine's Day, and the students in class 4-O are in for a surprise. Someone has left candy hearts in each of their desks.  But what makes these hearts particularly sweet are the special messages on each of them.  Why, though, do the messages seem directly related to the student?  This is the mystery that Jessie Treski, the school's editor for the 4-O Forum, is trying to uncover.

Jessie's discovery of candy hearts,  poems of love, and the idea of crushes have piqued her interest, so she must find out if other students currently have a crush, had a crush, or never had a crush on someone before.   A class survey is soon published, but what kind of results will Jessie get?  Is Jessie, herself, able to truly understand what the survey results mean?

Jacqueline Davies skillfully captures the voice of young and energetic Jessie, a fun-loving girl  who finds herself in the middle of a classroom where boys and girls are starting to think about each other in different ways.  Ms. Davies' addition of poetry is the perfect touch to this sweet coming-of-age story.  It has the power to make readers of all ages reflect upon their first crush. 

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For 4th grade and up.

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