Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Ten-year-old Star Mackie moved to a trailer park in California from Oregon with her mother and sister. Although she sees that her sister Winter is very unhappy with their mother for making them live in a trailer and having to go to an alternative high school, Star has a more positive outlook. She tries to make friends at her school, which is not helped by the fact that her mom's hairdresser friend gave her a layered blue hairstyle which immediately gets mistaken for a mullet. But Star is not hindered. Determined to have her schoolmates understand that living in a trailer is not so bad, she decides to start a trailer park club at her school. Star encounters kindness and adversity from students and teachers, and manages to overcome all her challenges with strength and optimism.

Hope is a Ferris Wheel by Robin Herrera is a realistic fiction novel that helps its readers understand the diverse experiences of other children. Star Mackie is not so different from other ten-year-olds in her school, except for the fact that she does not live in a big house like many of her classmates. But far from focusing on the hardships of being poor, Star focuses on things in her life that make it normal. This lively protagonist is sure to capture the readers' hearts.

For grades 6 and up.

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